Advent Day 21- Kroeker Family

Advent Day 21- Kroeker Family

December 21st

“When King Herod heard this, he was disturbed and all Jerusalem with him;”     Matthew 2:3

What an interesting reaction- not King Herod’s but that all of Jerusalem was “disturbed” with him. Why were the people of Jerusalem disturbed when the Magi came asking about the child born King of the Jews? Shouldn’t the Jewish people have been looking for His coming and been excited along with the Magi who were seeking Him? Were they disturbed because they hadn’t been looking for him and were feeling guilty? We may not be sure about why they were so disturbed by what the Magi said, but we can have a say about how we react towards Christmas. How do you react to the story of His birth? How are you living and how do you react knowing that Jesus will be coming again? 

Dear Heavenly Father, as we go through this advent season help us to evaluate our hearts. Help me to have a heart that is thankful to You and help me to live knowing that you will come again! Help me to react like the Magi, seeking you and excited for your coming. Amen. 

-The Kroeker Family

Brian and Aubrey have a son (Maverick) and a daughter on the way (Laurel). Brian is the Youth Pastor at Grace while Aubrey is a stay at home mom. Please pray for the life changes we will be experiencing when Laurel arrives in January!