Advent Day 4 – Linharts

Advent Day 4 – Linharts

DECEMBER 4, 2020
“ He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. ” John 1:27

John could easily have been tempted to see himself as equal to Jesus. Both men had miraculous births, clear purposes in ministry, and crowds of followers. But when people began asking if John was a prophet or even the Messiah, John modeled how to view Jesus rightly. Even though Jesus “came after” John, John recognized that Jesus was ultimately first in every way. Just like the moon could never hope to be the sun, John knew that Jesus was higher, brighter, more powerful, and the very source of John’s own light. John (and all humans) are unworthy to touch even the lowest part of Jesus. Amazingly, Jesus, the high king, lowers himself to make us worthy of belonging to him!

Dear Jesus, help us to view you rightly, and to see your holiness, righteousness, magnitude, power, and greatness. May we develop the John-like humility to say “I must decrease, and He must increase.” Thank you for shining your light on us and please help us reflect your light to the world. In your great name, Amen.
-The Linhart Family

Geary and Jeana have been members of GBC for 13 years. They have three wonderful boys and are active in ministry at Grace and at Veritas School. Please pray for the Linharts as they juggle teaching and parenting throughout this pandemic.


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