Check In and Out

Check In and Out

At the time of check-in, a volunteer will greet you. If you are new to our children’s program, you will go to the New Families Desk and be asked to fill-out a registration form and provide us with a cell phone number to log-into our system.

In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we will send you a text message. (Remember to leave your cell phone on vibrate/silence during the service.) If your child has difficulty acclimating or experiences separation anxiety, our volunteer will immediately soothe your child. If your child is unhappy for an extended period of 5-10 minutes, we will text you. You and your child will receive a check-in name sticker specifically created for your child. To ensure their security, your child will not be released without presentation of your corresponding security sticker.

Check-In Procedure

Parents will check-in their children at the check-in desk. They will be issued a name badge sticker to be placed on the child’s back and a corresponding sticker for the parent or guardian for pick-up. In addition to computer check-in, children must also be signed-in by the teacher to create an accurate attendance roster in each classroom.

Check-Out Procedure

Children will be released from their classrooms ONLY to an individual with the corresponding pick-up ticket.

Security & Guest Passes

For the safety of all the children, only background-checked volunteers are allowed in the GraceKids classrooms. All guests must check-in to receive a guest pass and check- out to return their pass.

Who Can Receive a Guest Pass?

  • A parent whose child is having difficulty entering or acclimating to a class.
  • 1st time parents who would like a tour and meet the teachers.
  • A church member who is interested in serving in GraceKids.
  • Visitors who have been approved by the Children’s Ministry Director, pastor, security, or staff member.