Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

4/5/20 Palm Sunday Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

  •  Matthew 21:1-10, Mark 11:1-10,Luke 19:28-40, John 12:1-16

Play Family Game

Mixed-up in the Crowd-Get into a family group.  Grab the right hand of another person but not the person next to you. Next, grab the left hand of a different person, but again not from the person next to you.

The result is a big tangled mess of hands and arms. The goal is for your family to untangle themselves without letting go of anyone’s hand.

Game Discussion Questions:

  • What was the biggest crowd you have ever been in?
  • Was is it easy to feel the excitement of the crowd?
  • Is being in a big crowd comfortable for you or uncomfortable?

We will discuss a large crowd who gathered to see enter into Jerusalem like a King.  The people were swept away by everything that happened before their eyes. Today we call it Palm Sunday.


Discussion Questions:

  • How do you think Jesus felt as He entered Jerusalem?
  • Do you think Jesus knew He would be arrested and crucified?
  • Why do you think the people laid down their jackets for Jesus?

As Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly on a donkey like a King, a large crowd gathered, and people began laying out their jackets on the road for Jesus to ride over.  Others were waving branches in the air, shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”  All the people thought this was a time of celebration, but Jesus knew that the people who were shouting “Hosanna!” would soon be shouting “Crucify him!”


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Palm Sunday Craft

We will make palm branches out of hand prints. Have everyone in your family trace both hands on white or green paper.  If hand prints are on white paper, color each hand different shades of green and cut out.  Tape all the hands to a ruler and take turns waving the palm branch while acting out Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Refer to our Bible lesson.




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