While At Home

While At Home

Please remember to:

  1. Pray with your children & ask for prayer requests from them
  2. Read the Bible daily with your children (Click here on Amazon)
  3. Sing along to worship songs with your children (Click here)
  4. Act out Bible stories, or reader’s theater-style, through skits
  5. Memorize Bible Verses through games (Click here)

* Enjoy the time you have with them at home!

Suggested Activities:

  1. Give your children a lot of active time outdoors (Click here)
  2. Substitute Bible videos for video games (RightNow Media)
  3. Cook meals with your children (Click here)
  4. Play board games and card games with your children (Board games) (Card games)
  5. Teach your children how to do their own laundry or the dishes (Click here)