Elder Board

Elder Board

2021 Elder Board

Our 2021 Elder Board consists of Gary Beals, Sean Chase, John Hagglund, Eric Holtan, Paul Jellum, Paul Sprunger, Dan Swanson and  Adam Fitch (senior pastor)

Elder Board Meeting Minutes click here: Contact the office for the password 
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General Elders

The general elders are listed below. They are charged with the spiritual shepherding of the church.

Jon Brewer, Dick Burke, Cesar Calderon, Jim Cooper, Brian Gilmore, Phil Griffin, Bob Hamilton, John Hagglund, Ben Hanna, Walt Harris, Charlie Holtan,  Ralph Koozer, Brian Kroeker, Travis Laxton, Geary Linhart, Stan Meyers, Jack Neff,  Scott Smits, & Alan Summers

Purpose Statement

The elders of Grace Baptist Church are charged with the general leadership and pastoral care of the church body. They provide spiritual care, accountability, and financial guidance for Grace Baptist Church. (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-16, Acts 20:17-32)

Contact the Elders:

Noah Linhart