Your Story

Your Story

We want to know….
What is your story?

Here is an outline that we have put together to help you. Please aim for 3-5 minutes.

“Hi, I’m _______, and this is my story.”
1. The problem
2. Failed solutions (Discovery of the REAL problem, if applicable, 1-2 sentences)
3. How Jesus is the answer
4. “My encouragement to you is…” (how the answer to your problem is Jesus, 1-2 sentences)
“This is my story and I’m here to testify that Jesus has made all the difference.”
-This doesn’t have to be your life story – it might be just something recent!
-The ‘problem’ might be someone else’s behavior/choice and should express sin, brokenness, depravity, hopelessness, etc.
-The shortest section should be #2 and #4
-Try to express the ‘answer’ in a way that is practical and transferable
-Write it out, but don’t read it
-For the filming, use no notes, or 1 bullet point per section


Ways to get your video to us:
1. Upload your video to your Google Drive or Dropbox and send the link to us at
2. If you have an iPhone, you can come into the church office and airdrop it to one of our front office staff.
3. You can schedule a time to come into the church office and we can assist you in the filming.
4. There is a “Selfie” station setup on Sunday mornings that you are free to use to film your story.
If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.